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I'm Mr. Sheng, a freelance SEO specialist from Shanghai, China. I offer China SEO services for both agencies and international companies. My expertise lies in Chinese keyword research, content creation, landing page development, managing China's social media platforms, and handling Baidu PPC campaigns, all at competitive prices. I'm here to boost your online visibility, enhance your search results, and improve your ROI. Let's work together to make it happen!

Li Sheng copy writer

China SEO Services I Offer

I offer a range of China SEO services to enhance your online presence and performance:


China SEO Services, Helps I Do?

Why Choose Me?

I'm a Chinese SEO expert with fluent English, and here's why you should work with me:

In-Depth Knowledge of China

As a native Chinese, I'm well-versed in the Chinese language and the local marketplace. China's SEO landscape is unique, with complex language issues, cultural differences, user behavior, legal matters, censorship, and technical challenges. Most interfaces are presented in simplified Chinese.

Specialized in Baidu

Baidu, being China's top search engine, is known for its focus on indexing Chinese characters. It maintains a close relationship with the Chinese government and enforces strict censorship policies. Websites hosted in China receive preferential treatment from Baidu.

Thinking Like a Chinese

To help my clients achieve high rankings on Baidu, it's essential to understand Chinese logic. This includes grasping the intricacies of Chinese backlinks, avoiding sensitive terms, leveraging Trust rank advantages, and navigating the process of applying for an ICP license to boost click-through rates. These factors significantly impact organic rankings.

Ethical SEO Practices - White Hat Only

I adhere to ethical SEO methods, strictly following "white hat" techniques that align with SERPS rules. I analyze your target Chinese audience and tailor SEO solutions for your business. Long-term success in Chinese SEO and enhancing your enterprise's profitability are my top priorities.

White Label SEO Services

I'm more than willing to work behind the scenes as a white label SEO specialist, respecting non-disclosure agreements within the industry. If needed, I can assist you in setting up Chinese social media accounts, handling registrations and verifications on your behalf. You retain ownership and management control over these accounts, even if you choose not to work directly with me.

Start-up Monthly Plan

$500 per Month
  • Working time One Hour per day
  • 25USD per hour
  • 25$ X 1 Hour X 5 Days X 4 Weeks = 500 USD

Connect With MrSheng.Work

Meet Sam Li Sheng, a freelance pro with over a decade of experience in SEO, web development, and digital marketing. He's worked on major campaigns for big names like HBO, Disney, NASA, and General Motors. When he's not at his laptop, you'll find him busting some Zumba moves in the gym or capturing outdoor moments with his camera while traveling.

Suite 509 No. 196 Xin Jin Qiao Rd.
PuDong Shanghai China
Phone: 18918151538

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